Restaurant And
Coffee Shop

Where the flavor
inebriates you
Our intention is to provide a wholesome food and drinks to our guests and other visitors. We use best and freshest ingredients sourced from Hiriketiya area. We also offer speciality teas, coffee and smoothies.

Free to Our Guests

Fresh Fruit Juice or King Coconut Water
Fresh Fruit Platter
Tea & Coffee

Traditional Sri Lankan

Odd Days of the Week – String Hoppers & Hoppers
Even Days of the Week – Milk Rice & Coconut Roti


Eggs of Your Choice, Toast, Jam & Butter
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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Complementary Bend Breakfast

King Coconut Water
Fresh Fruit Platter
Toast, Jam and Butter
Eggs of Your Choice
Sri Lankan Pancakes
Tea and Coffee

Extras for $2 per person

2 Sausage Links
2 Extra Eggs
Fresh Fruit Juice

With 24 hour notice $3 per person

Mondays and Fridays – String Hoppers with Dhal or Potato Curry and Coconut Sambol
Tuesdays and Thursdays – Hoppers and Egg Hoppers with Sri Lankan Chili Paste
Wednesdays and Saturdays – Roti with Onion and Chili Salsa
Sundays – Milk Rice and Chili Paste

Personalized Dinner Service

Our specialties are

Plain rice White / Red
Fried Rice with vegetables/eggs/seafood/chicken
Roti, String Hoppers, Hoppers and Egg Hoppers
Sri Lankan yams, breadfruit and jackfruit , in coconut curry
Variety of Fish (catch of the day) and Seafood cooked in different Sri Lankan styles
Meat items (except beef) cooked in Sri Lankan style
A large variety of Sri Lankan vegetables cooked in various Sri Lankan ways
Buffalo curd with coconut or palmyra trickle
Tropical fruit platter


We will assist your purchase of Sri Lankan beer, wine and rum to accompany your meal from local markets, since we are not authorized to sell alcoholic beverages to our guests.

We need advance notice (time depends on the menu) to prepare a sumptuous meal.
Our manager will indicate a price based on the number of guests, menu, and prevailing market prices.

We wish you an enjoyable stay at House on the Bend!!

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Coffee Hot

Espresso – $2.5
Double Espresso – $4
Americano – $2.5
Cappuccino – $3
Latte – $3.5
Black Coffee – $1.5

Coffee Cold

Iced Latte – $3.5
Iced Americano – $2.5
Hot Chocolate – $2.5
King Coconut – $1

Tea Hot

Black Tea – $1
Brilliant Breakfast – $2
Vanilla Ceylon – $2
Earl Grey – $2

Tea Cold

Iced Lemon Tea – $2
Iced Sour Sap Tea – $2
Iced Hibiscus Tea – $2
Iced Passion Tea – $2


Lassi – $3
Milkshake – $3
Fresh Juice – $2


Coca Cola – $1
Sprite – $1
Fanta – $1
Soda Water – $1
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Book a Meal Early & Save