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Your visit to Hiriketiya will be complete when you tour nearby attractions which portray the beauty, life and culture of Southern Sri Lanka. We have designed few half day and full day tours to fulfill this need.




Yala Park

Blow Hole

Nilwella Fishing Harbor

This fishing harbor is situated about two miles from our hotel. It is a relatively large harbor that accommodates small canoes as well as large multi-day boats. Early morning is the best time to visit the harbor to see fishermen bringing fresh fish to the shore. You can choose fish from a large variety and bring them to our chef who will cook them to your desired taste. The tour takes about 3 hours. The best time to visit the harbor is early morning before breakfast. After the tour guests can come back to the hotel, have breakfast and start the visit to Kudawella Blowhole.

Kudawella Blowhole

The blowhole is a natural phenomenon on the rocky coast of the Kudawella fishing village situated about six miles from our hotel. It blows a column of sea water and sprays it as it falls down. The road to the blowhole is lined with small shops selling delicacies of Southern Sri Lanka. The tour takes about four hours. The combined tour of Nilwella fishing harbor and the blowhole will take about a half a day. After the tour guests may come back to the hotel to have the lunch which will feature the fish bought from Nilwella Fishing Harbor.

Wewurukannala Temple

The ancient temple of Wewurukannala is only five miles from our hotel. The main attraction is the colossal Buddha Statue, and the view from the top of building behind the Statue. The temple presents a large number of colorful statues and frescoes depicting Buddha’s life story. The temple houses an ancient mechanical clock, that fascinates visitors. Guests have to be cladded in long white or light colored garments to enter the temple.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

The temple is situated about 15 miles (24 km) from the hotel on in the village of Mulkirigala. The temple is a cave temple built on the top of a rock about 200 meters high, and adorned with statues and frescoes. The temple was built in the third century by an ancient king. The travel time to Wewurukannala temple combined with Mulkirigala Rock temple is about eight hours. Thus, it is a full day tour with lunch, snacks and tea provided by the hotel.

Yala National Park

Visit to Yala National Park is a rare opportunity. Yala is only two hours journey from our hotel. It is a vast area of forests, grasslands and lagoons, and home to a large array of exotic animals, elephants, leopards, bears, deer, wild boar, and peacocks and a vast amount of birds. Yala is in the ancient town of Tissa, which has a large number of interesting sites. Your jorney will take one full day, and can be extended to a multi day trip covering Udawalawa and Ella.

Udawalawa National Park

The park is the habitat for a herd of about 250 elephants. It is about one and half hour drive from the hotel. The park was created when the Udawalawa reservoir was built to provide a sanctuary for animals displaced. Visitors can spend few hours touring this sanctuary.


Ella has become a hot tourist destination due its ecological beauty and breathtaking landscape. It is nearly a three hour journey from our Hotel, into the mountain region. Ella is situated 1050 meters above the sea level, and as such has a cooler climate. Ella tour can be combined with Udawalawa National Park, and takes two days.

Colombo & Airport Drop

After your stay in Hiriketiya, you may wish to tour the Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, and proceed to the Airport. We can arrange a tour of Colombo for your preferred duration of time followed by the Airport Drop.

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